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Burkina Special – a Tour to Burkina Faso

The „Land of upright people“, as Burkina Faso may be translated, is considered an insider’s tip for many travellers to West Africa. Boasting more than sixty ethnic groups, the country is blessed with a cultural and architectural diversity which can hardly be surpassed by any other nation on the subcontinent. Furthermore, Burkina Faso offers an astonishing variety of stunning landscapes, several national parks, rich in wildlife, and the country is considered one of the most important art and cinema centres of Africa. During our 11-day trip we discover the tribal heartlands of the Mossi, Senoufo, Lobi, Kassena, Dagara and Gourmantche people and hope to gain an insight into their everyday life. We take a hike to the fantastic mountain sceneries of the Pics de Sindou and Dômes de Fabédougou and explore remote villages. On a game drive at Nazinga Ranch we may experience a close encounter with elephants, primates and antelopes. At Laongo Sculpture Park we become acquainted with the work of artists from all over the world who come to this hillside just outside Ouagadougou to carve fantastic sculptures in the granite and we visit a bronze workshop to learn a little something of this century-old tradition. Burkina Faso – a country of many facets and friendly people is waiting for you!

Laongo Sculpture Park

Dômes de Fabedougou



Ouagadougou Africa's film capital, Laongo Sculpture Park and Opera village
Manega Unique museum
Bobo Dioulasso Sudanese-style mosque and handicraft centre
Banfora Scenic rock formations, waterfalls and hippo viewing
Sindou Wonderland of rocks
Loropeni UNESCO World Heritage site
Gaoua Heartland of traditional Lobi culture
Nazinga-Ranch Photo safaris in elephant sanctuary
Tiébélé Colourfully decorated houses in the land of the Kassena
Lac Kompienga Relax on an island in Lake Kompienga
Fada N'Gourma Centre of Gourmantche country



Lac Kompienga

Girl at the village of Bamako near Diébougou




Day 1, Wednesday, Welcome to Burkina Faso, the “Land of the Honest People”

Our tour guide will meet you at Ouagadougou International Airport. Transfer to the hotel. (15 km).

(-/-), overnight at Ouagadougou, Hotel OK Inn or similar


Day 2, Thursday, Ouagadougou

After breakfast your tour guide will give you detailed information about your trip. Later in the morning we will explore Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso’s modern capital. We take a tour to the distinctive cathedral and a traditional bronze workshop. At Laongo Sculpture Park we discover a remarkable outdoor gallery where artists from all over the world have carved huge sculptures in the granite. Just across the road we explore the world's first Opera Village, a project called to life by the famous German film-maker Christoph Schlingensief. In the afternoon we visit of the museum at the village of Manega, located around 50 km from Ouagadougou, one of the best museums in Burkina Faso.  (150 km)

(B/D) overnight at Ouagadougou, Hotel OK Inn or similar


Day 3, Friday, Ouagadougou - Bobo Dioulasso 

This morning we visit to the Village Artisanal, an artisan centre on the outskirts of the city, dedicated to the skill and artistry of hundreds of local craftsmen. Then we leave Ouagadougou and its friendly people heading to Bobo Dioulasso. The road is lined with strange-looking baobabs and huge mango trees.At Boromo we cross the Mahoun River, the Black Volta, one of West Africa's largest rivers. In the afternoon we reach the bustling town of Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso's second-largest city. There may be time to wander through the captivating central market, to visit the cathedral and to take in the impressive building of the train station. (370 km)

(B/D), overnight at Bobo Dioulasso, Hotel Auberge


Day 4, Saturday, Bobo Dioulasso - Banfora

This morning we discover together the town’s old Sudanese-style Grand Mosque and parts of its old city before we continue to Banfora which we reach after one and a half hours. This afternoon we explore the stunning surroundings of this busy town set in beautiful scenery of sugar-cane fields and tree-lined hills. We explore the magnificent rock formations of the Dômes de Fabédougou and the picturesque Karfiguela falls.  (100 km)

(B/D), overnight at Banfora, Hotel Cascades Palace or similar


Day 5, Sunday, Banfora

Today we head to the little town of Sindou which is located at about 50 km from Banfora. The village is known for its beautiful rock formations which look like impressive rock castles when seen from a distance. Here we will spend 3 - 4 hours walking through this wonderland of rocks. In the afternoon boatmen take us out on to the lake Tengrela where we will have the opportunity of watching hippos. (100 km)

(B/D), overnight at Banfora, Hotel Cascades Palace or similar


Day 6, Monday, Banfora – Loropeni – Gaoua


Heading west to Gaoua we reach the land of the Lobi and spend the day with a local guide, learning a little something about these usually reclusive people. On our way we visit the ruins of Loropeni, UNESCO World Heritage site since 2009. We also spend some time in a Lobi village getting acquainted with their behaviour and traditions and exploring their fortress-like houses. At the small village of Kouekouera near the town of Kampti we spend some time in the mysterious world of a féticheur, a local healer. This afternoon we take a tour to the remarkable museum of Gaoua set up by the French anthropologist Madeleine Père. (250 km)

(B/D), overnight at Gaoua, Hotel Hala


Day 7, Tuesday, Gaoua – Nazinga Ranch

This morning we leave Gaoua heading north-east to Nazinga Ranch, which offers a great opportunity to see elephants. This small park contains 39 mammals including buffalo, different kinds of antelope, warthogs and primates such as red monkeys and baboons. The late afternoon is the best time to track the animals and take great photoshots. (260 km)

(B/D), overnight at Nazinga Ranch



Day 8, Wednesday, Nazinga Ranch – Tiebele - Ouagadougou

In the early morning you have one more opportunity to see the wildlife which lives here and observe elephants. Then our drive takes us first to Tiébele, the best place to see well-preserved Kassena houses. We visit the Royal Court which contains a lot of beautifully decorated dwellings. In the afternoon we will reach Ouagadougou. (250 km)

(B/D) overnight at Ouagadougou, Hotel OK Inn or similar


Day 9, Thursday, Ouagadougou – Lake Kompienga

Today we continue to Pama near the border to Benin. On our way there may be time to visit a Gourmanche village. In the afternoon we reach Lake Kompienga via the town of Pama. A boat will take us to the small island in the lake where our hotel is located. (380 km)

(B/D), overnight at Hotel Thialy


Day 10, Friday: Lake Kompienga

Today you can relax at your hotel beautifully set on an island in the lake. With a little luck you may spot some elephants that often come to the lake to drink and bathe. In the afternoon you go for a boat ride out on the lake. The Oualé River is dammed at the village of Kompienga near the border to Benin. The large hydro-electric station supplies most of the capital's electricity.

(B/L/D), overnight at Hotel Thialy


Day 11, Saturday: Lake Kompienga - Ouagadougou - Flight to Europe

Our final day sees us heading back to Ouagadougou. On our way we stop at Fada N'Gourma to visit "Miel de Gourma", where Madame Mariam explains us how apiculture is practised in the Gourmantch country. In the afternoon we arrive at Ouagadougou. In the evening transfer to the airport, flight to Europe (380 km) 


Please note that from time to time our itineraries may be amended.








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